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pricing on services

Most of my pricing is on sliding scale and varies, depending on what you want and also on your privileges or lack thereof.  This is the general pricing:

  • $50 for a tarot/oracle reading if you are fully-employed and have no dependents.
  • $40 for a tarot/oracle reading if you are employed part-time and/or have financial dependents or if you are a student but receive substantial financial help from family.
  • $25-30 if you are a student or have significant financial dependents or are employed part-time and have financial dependents.

This is general pricing factoring in for privileges and lack thereof:

  • $40-45 for a tarot/oracle card reading if you are from a historically oppressed group — African-American, indigenous, Muslim, South Asian, South East Asian, queer (sexuality), or trans (gender identification)…
  • And then the sliding scale continues as from above based on your employment status

This is all honor system, btw.  I’m not going to root around in your financials to “confirm” you fit into whatever group or employment status you claim when asking for a reading.  I trust you to tell me the truth.  Mainly this sliding scale exists to try to alleviate the impact on historically oppressed groups who tend to have less access to financial funds and financial support.  If you are white, cis, stable in employment, or any combination of the three, then I encourage you to acknowledge your privilege through your spending.  I also encourage you to pay more if you are able, as that supports the historically oppressed groups having access to these services.  I volunteer and donate a lot of time to spirit work pro bono.

Additional services, like mediumship, eneagram, astrology, manifestations, curse/hex lifting/removal have separate pricing.  I will talk with you about which package is best for your needs (part of my service is identifying what is the best match/fit for you) but here are a few samples (and all get stepped down in the sliding scale as appropriate):

  • Tarot/oracle reading plus initial mediumship to identify any spirits around you: $75
  • Tarot/oracle reading plus basic astrology chart analysis: $75
  • Tarot/oracle reading plus deep astrology chart analysis focusing on one area (love/career/money/etc): $85
  • Tarot/oracle reading plus initial enneagram coaching (tends to be 2-3 sessions): $100

In general, I find enneagram and astrology to be best paired with tarot/oracle card readings so you get a snapshot of the energies around you and also your tendencies from birth/personality.  We can go deeper, of course, but it’s best to do after you have the initial understanding of your core situation so you have a baseline or framework from which to start.

Similarly, pricing for magical/spiritual manifestations and curse/hex lifting/removal will depend on the nature of the curse. More complicated healings take longer and cost more, obviously.

For everything, just contact me and we can talk about it.  Starting the dialogue is the most important part!

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To book a tarot/oracle card reading with me, please hit the “contact” box at the top of the blog.  It’s as easy as that!

For details on pricing, go here (opens in a new tab)

In brightness and in shadow,


Queen of Pentacles

wth on cooking

I’m becoming concerned about my cooking habit.  Every day, I tell myself I won’t buy more fresh produce and won’t cook anymore, because cooking eats up so much time in prepping, the actual cooking, and then cleaning up and washing dishes.  I really should use my time better.

But then I buy more fresh produce and then feel like I have to cook things before that produce goes bad.  This is a not-happy-making cycle.

I am serious about being worried about this, forreal.  I worry that I am becoming OCD about cooking.

Part of this results from the large volume of ordinary produce sales — one bunch/bundle (단) of most produce (though not all vegetables are sold in 단)  is too much for 1-2 people to eat before it spoils.  So then I feel pressured to make 반찬 from the remaining produce.  The produce is so cheap though!  Argh I’m not helping myself LOL.

Further complications: I have a TINY kitchen, with the following issues:

  • only ONE working burner (WTFFFFFFF).
  • the working burner is INCREDIBLY fastidious, requiring multiple CAREFUL tries to get it steady in flame.
    • oftentimes the pan will get too hot from me trying to keep the flame going.  this means that stew will start boiling multiple times before I can get a consistent flame to create a conducive environment for actual cooking (the fluctuations mean that food can burn before it ever gets cooked through :(…)
    • and even still it often cuts out in the middle of cooking.
  • the tiniest amount of counter space (see photos).  which causes me to use put things on the windowsill and other places as I prep.  this is honestly ridiculous wthhhhhh

So why do I keep buying fresh produce and why do I keep cooking??!!!!???? ARGH halpppppppp

above: prepped thread scallions (실파),  cucumber-crisp peppers (오이맛고추), and salmon prepped for 파전 (scallion pancake)

below: 파전 and my tiny counter space