Merc Rx

Have had the worst Mercury Retrograde so far. Have spent the past four days (yes, four days continuously) fighting my laptop and unending windows upgrades that automatically download and kill my memory. Have wiped and cleaned and etc etc repeatedly.

Still my laptop takes 20-30 minutes to boot up. Which I suppose is an improvement from before all the wiping, when it took 5″ minutes to simply get to the desktop.

So frustrated. I hope this goes away soon! Like now. Like immediately



I never realized the emotional enticement from the smell of bread, not until I moved to Korea and smelled baguette.

It was as if I got separated from something, because I had never liked bread before I moved here.

Maybe it’s because I can eat rice to my hearts content here. Because rice is ubiquitous but good bread is not (and especially good baguette is not).

I bought the last baguette from my neighborhood’s only decent bakery. It felt soft. The owner explained that was because it was sheathed in paper (in an attempt to keep out the awful and periodic particulate dust — we’re in a period of strong winds and therefore high levels of dust).

And even though I was reluctant to buy it, because it was so soft and not super crusty like I like my baguette, in the end the smell of bread won me over. Strange isn’t it?

I enjoyed that baguette with bleu-brie and cab sau 😊

Cycle of Healing · Empress · Introspection · Queen of Swords

Oh oh oh, wow

It’s incredible, the difference of a few pounds. I’m short (the kind way of saying this is “petite”), so the smallest drop in body weight has a huge impact.

Case in point: I am 10-15 pounds less than I was in many of my family photos. And I can see the difference. It’s in my face (I look less bloated and puffy) and also in my expression (I look less bloated and puffy lol).

I believe that our outer shells reveal our inner selves. Why? Because I also know that this drop is from just being happier in general. I feel more balanced in life overall. The hits come, sure, but they roll off me much more easily. Which to me means that they don’t stick to me as literal extra weight.

It’s a good feeling, yes. And I am grateful to the universe for showing me this path, this side road ☺️☺️