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copy editor mode… postponed

Welp, I went through and reread old posts that I’d published from my phone. Two things that annoy me —

1. Photos are in reverse order.

I suppose it’s kind of deconstructed to show the result and then the steps for how I got there, especially with the cooking photos… but it feels weird. I will let this sit and if it still bothers me in a week then I’ll edit. But I think I can get used to this… and also learn that wordpress posts in reverse order from the numbering system it purports to use :/

2. Lots of typos! Lots of autocorrect! Augh. This bothers me MUCH more as a former copy editor. And I will definitely correct them.

… Just… not now. Not when I have a bigger post of new feelings and thoughts. So it’s on my list but I also recognize in a self-care way that I don’t have to do it now. It’s really a relief to have this voice on self-care in my head now. ❤

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