Queen of Pentacles

wth on cooking

I’m becoming concerned about my cooking habit.  Every day, I tell myself I won’t buy more fresh produce and won’t cook anymore, because cooking eats up so much time in prepping, the actual cooking, and then cleaning up and washing dishes.  I really should use my time better.

But then I buy more fresh produce and then feel like I have to cook things before that produce goes bad.  This is a not-happy-making cycle.

I am serious about being worried about this, forreal.  I worry that I am becoming OCD about cooking.

Part of this results from the large volume of ordinary produce sales — one bunch/bundle (단) of most produce (though not all vegetables are sold in 단)  is too much for 1-2 people to eat before it spoils.  So then I feel pressured to make 반찬 from the remaining produce.  The produce is so cheap though!  Argh I’m not helping myself LOL.

Further complications: I have a TINY kitchen, with the following issues:

  • only ONE working burner (WTFFFFFFF).
  • the working burner is INCREDIBLY fastidious, requiring multiple CAREFUL tries to get it steady in flame.
    • oftentimes the pan will get too hot from me trying to keep the flame going.  this means that stew will start boiling multiple times before I can get a consistent flame to create a conducive environment for actual cooking (the fluctuations mean that food can burn before it ever gets cooked through :(…)
    • and even still it often cuts out in the middle of cooking.
  • the tiniest amount of counter space (see photos).  which causes me to use put things on the windowsill and other places as I prep.  this is honestly ridiculous wthhhhhh

So why do I keep buying fresh produce and why do I keep cooking??!!!!???? ARGH halpppppppp

above: prepped thread scallions (실파),  cucumber-crisp peppers (오이맛고추), and salmon prepped for 파전 (scallion pancake)

below: 파전 and my tiny counter space


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