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A pin-pointed self-reading on money

So, a funny story.  a little while back, I did a self-reading with the question: “When can I expect new money coming in?”  I specified that the money should not include the known money from legal work (I expected a little bit coming in from different clients in April).

The answer: April 16.

Earlier in April, my friend connected me with her student, to cover English lessons while she is traveling.  so I thought the April 16 date as about that.  But then I realized that I wouldn’t see that money until May, when I start teaching.

Then it hit me — another friend had asked if I wanted to read tarot at a craft fair she was organizing.  I pondered it for a bit and said yes.

The date of the craft fair?  April 16.


Honestly I was so oblivious to the timing until a few days ago LOL.  But when the realization came, it was like a ton of bricks.  Like, way to be pinpointed and pitch-perfect and dead on.

Then, today, I asked how much money I would make at the craft fair today.  The answer was accurate to within $10 of the *exact* amount I made today. (And I have an intuitive feeling of why I was off by that $10 too — it was because I told one potential sitter to wait, though it became clear that we could have done the reading when she wanted it.)

Yay for self-readings!  Like OMG whoa.  Sometimes I shock even myself with my accuracy LOL.  *dance dance dance I am so happy*

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