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up and up and out… and then back down

The title describes it all.  I was up and feeling good and I got a lot of stuff done and then.. when it cme time to go back to writing fiction.. I got sad again.

So i’m sad now.  Still sad.

To divert away, which is one of my coping mechanisms, I’ll say the things that have happened lately:

  • dead bird, killed by a street cat, on the first day that my ancestors insisted I had to sleep in the altar room instead of my bedroom.  the dead bird turned up on my rooftop balcony on my bedroom side, right alongside my bed itself
  • doggaebi left a few days ago.  he’ll be back in a week but he’s gone
  • I was told that tokki will stay with me always, yay — she’s not just temporary
  • when I read cards when tipsy I attact low level spirits.  not surprising and good for me to know
  • I made kimchi here (you can see a picture on fb)
  • finally finished the release vision board.  [i]I release my script of needing to walk my journey alone[/i]
  • oh and I remember my dreams a lot more lately

Oh lawd psyching myself up to writing or even editing is hard.  I will try again though.

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